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Choosing an agency isn’t easy. So we will make it simple for you. All our contracts can be cancelled with just one-month notice. We don’t like to tie you to a commitment. This simply forces us to be the best. Don’t listen to sales speeches, observe what we do.

What we do

We love Shopify. So much that we are Shopify Partners. Officially! Sure, we can still do WordPress sites, but if you are selling things on your side, we will most certainly try to convince you to use Shopify. We will be happy to show you why! 


Deep Business Research

Yes, we can help you with a simple task for our regular hourly rate. But if we are going to work together for a long time, the least we can do is do deep business research. We want to understand your business, who you sell to, how your customers normally act; before buying ads on your behalf!

Real business experience

We are not like other agencies. We don’t like to waste our customers money. How can we become the best, if we don’t use our own advise? Therefor we have our own ecommences, so yes we buy stuff, market it, sell, ship it – by hand. We know our craft!

App Development

We’ve built apps for IOS, Android, Shopify, Mac and Windows. We love flexible framework that takes the price down do a fraction. We’ve made numerious IOS/Android apps from just £5,000 from idea to launch.

Business Strategy

We’ve extensive knowledge from Printing, PR, Real Estate, Agency, Software, Carpeting of different industries. We’ve cross country knowledge from Denmark, Sweden, Spain and the UK. We can certainly help you at all levels either building your strategy or reviewing it.  

Web Design

We’ve designed 100’s website, e-commerces and portals. We even help other agencies if they have projects there is more complex than their capacity. We like to get work done rather than taking the full credit for projects. We like collaborating.


From founder level and down we have a passion for the creative media whether it’s creating videos/photos or simply helping editing it. We can work with all from 5K recordings to even just turning your iPhone recording into a proper video.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

We’ve been in business since 2008. In Denmark, Sweden, Spain and the UK. Our founder started his first business just before the Lehman Brothers crashed. How many people would like to buy a new website there? 


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Why we are different

Regardless of your concept, product or services you provide – we want to understand your business. How are we suppose to do our best, if we don’t. We are not just your agency, but in day-to-day operation we are your web, marketing and software team. 

You have one point person and one email address – but by the power of our entire team. We work together fluently. We were remote before COVID-19 and will stay remote – which means we will always be available. 

We care about your employees as much as for our customers. If we were affected by it, our customers business performance would be. We will not risk that. We are one of the first agencies that focus on being remote to stay safe. For us it’s a choice of being more productive.

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