I’ve personally worked in marketing most of my life. I’ve specialised in Facebook Marketing for the past 5 years. It has always been the unwritten rule that you should never let these big ad-giants such as Google and Facebook decide how you spent your hard earned cash.


This has now changed. At least for Facebook. This topic will be my focus in this blog post.

Facebook now have such a great algorithm to ensure that you reach the people you want across platforms in the same article. If you have a product that needs to convert into a sale, then you have access to data about what works. This data is gold for Facebook’s algorithm. This simply means that Facebook across the Facebook platform, Instagram and their audience network show your ads to people in a way they know works for that individual person.

Let’s say you sell a product; Facebook knows that Person A (i.e. a 21-year male) likes to purchase things that have been promoted in Instagram stories. Whereas the father of that person (let’s say a 42-year male) likes to see it in a Business Insider article he is reading through the Facebook ap.

All of this can now be achieved via the same campaign using the Campaign Budget Optimization which operates across all platforms. The result? Facebook does the hard work for you!