We have a flexible approach to how we price our services. The first phone- or ZOOM meeting is completely free.

Due to Covid-19 – we find it easier for most of our customers to have our meetings via Zoom. Just get in touch with us on hello@concinnitygroup.co.uk and will be glad to meet you.

If you have larger projects please do get quotes before starting to work with us.

Expert level tasks€130 / hour€900 / day€4,000 / week
Regular Marketing Tasks€80 / hour€500 / day€2250 / week
Senior PHP Programming€150 / hour€900 / day€4,000 / week
Junior PHP Programming€70 / hour€500 / day€2250 / week
Recruiting Consultant€130 / hour€900 / day€4,000 / week
Linux Server Admin/app dev€150 / hour€900 / day€4,000 / week

Day = 8 hours
Week = 40 hours