We all want to create solid long-term customer relationships; preferably as scaleable as possible. Most companies want to grow but simply don’t know how to.

Content Marketing
If you are in this for the long-term e.g trying to build a company that you still own in 10 years, you should most certainly invest in content marketing. Simply produce free content that is high quality so that people love what you do. This is a long-term option that takes years. Even though it’s free for your readers, you still have to pay to promote it. It also does not guarantee that you convert customers on day one.

Content Marketing can both be written (blog), video (vlog/YouTube) and Podcast based.

Paid Ads
Disclaimer: In some circumstances, it’s not worth the investment in Paid Ads if you don’t already have a lot of content on your site to show the trust of the brand etc.

It’s not without reason that I love Paid Ads. ConcinnityDigital truly focuses on this area. Simply by utilising Paid Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, YouTube Ads) as the pinnacle of your strategy and content, you can gain valuable insights based on how your audience reacts to it.

You could spend a week on creating content marketing that may not be read. However, with paid ads, you can simply put nominal money behind it; perhaps €100/£100/$100, and then see what relevant score it achieves with Facebook. Facebook index it with a score of between 1-10. Maybe the image you have chosen for the article or the product is unappealing to the target audience so you will need to tweak your campaign. You could trial several images. Within the first 24 hours, you will know if your ad is reaching your intended audience.

The best thing is that your audience is the judge.  All you have to do is to get your ad out there and see what happens. You can adapt your ad along the way and utilise your marketing budget in the most efficient way possible.

It’s like being ahead of your component in a game of chess, always thinking strategically, testing your component and adjusting your tactics in order to get ahead. It’s your magic power as a marketer in 2018.