We see an industry that is changing faster than ever before. It has only been 10 years since companies have embraced the Facebook platform. It’s a powerful tool that is now stronger than TV and newspaper ads which had a strong hold on the market for decades.

Why are Social Media platforms the future of advertising?

Just a few years ago, it was likely scenario to find a rich western man sitting at top of his media empire with huge power and influence over multiple media platforms. This meant that often the news would be one-sided and selective on coverage. It often was linked to some alternative agenda that may or may not have been obvious.

Today, if you have a credit card with $1000, then you can actually get somewhere with Facebook ads. The power is now with the people who have the freedom to get their own opinion out there. It’s simple to create your own TV Channel with a SmartPhone on YouTube.

You can even do live streaming from your phone to millions of viewers if your content is interesting enough.

Throughout my life, I don’t know how many ads I have seen on TV and in the newspapers, that wasn’t targeted at me. It’s quite limited as a man, how much nail varnish I could possibly need 🙂 Maybe I would have an opinion about what I would love to see my wife wearing, but for real, those dollars they have paid for me to see that ad is wasted.

By creating ads on Social Media, we can target people based on age, gender, interests or behaviour.

EU data law or not – we can still do it.