Why work with ConcinnityDigital?

Why are we different and why does it matters?

Many agencies have been around for some time. There is the old agencies (20+ years old), then the once that came with Google Adwords in early 2000’s and last but not least Facebook Agencies. The majority of these agencies are around to bill per hour – and the only way to make more money is either to keep hiring people or over-bill clients.

We just don’t believe in that is a long term good idea. We work different ways – yes you can for sure pay per hour, day or what you need may be. But also we accept to be paid fixed for projects – where we then commit 10-20 hours a week to your project.

Last but not least, we are also software developers. We learn from the work we do – and turn it into software. We have some very interesting projects in BETA that soon will be properly launched – so stay tuned.

This is our way to look at it – we want to solve things long term rather than thinking how much money we as a business can make this month.

Please do get in touch to discuss how we can help you.